International Day of Queens, Princesses and Women Community Leaders

On January 19, 2022, once again during the celebration of THANKS-GIVEN, the queens, princesses and women leaders of the communities, were honored by the presence of the crowned heads namely the Superior Chief of Bafoussam accompanied by the queen mother and other traditional chiefs of the Centre, South, Great North, South-West and Littoral regions at the municipal circle of the Yaounde 1 Town Hall in a festive atmosphere of great day and very rich in color.

The mascot of this ceremony was placed at the entrance of the room of the municipal circle in a very special outfit made of recycled materials.

Among the articulations of this celebration a fashion show took place in a typical outfit made of recuperation material

The street children were also invited to this ceremony of sharing the THANKS- GIVENS and a special offering was given to them by the superior chief of Bafoussam on behalf of the WOCOTOMADI, Ing

At the same time, a conference on non-violence was presented by Professor TCHINTJANG of the University of Yaoundé 1.

At the end, speeches and gifts were given to the delegations of the four cultural areas of Cameroon


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