World Coming Together To Make A Difference “WOCOTOMADI” is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization that works with partners to create a long-standing impact for the wellbeing of undeserved communities. It is an apolitical, non-sectarian organization that does not exclude anyone because of partisan and religion affiliation.

Sharing culture, bringing HOPE to Africa and the world.

Through international cultural exchange, Wocotomadi increases access to healthcare, education and community development.

  • Health for all
  • The right to live for all human being
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Dedication to human cause
  • Service to others

What we do in the United States

We locally educate the younger generation on African culture (culinary arts, traditional clothing, fairy tales, crafts, etc.) and the proceeds helps fund our projects in Africa.

What we do in Africa


  • Free High Blood Pressure screening campaigns
  • Provide strategies to prevent Hypertension, a “silent killer” in Africa and educate the target population in remote villages on the importance of exercise and healthy diet based on locally available food.


  • Support abandoned and poor children to pursuit their education
  • Improve old and broken school infrastructures
  • Educate on computer technology

Community development

  • Support women integration in the society through agricultural projects
  • Support the disabled community (Sewing Center)